New pool remodel project in Whittier, CA

Here is a quick look at a project that was recently remodeled in Whittier, CA. The homeowner was tired of having the “simple pool look”. When he purchased the house, the pool was already installed. The pool was built in the 70’s and wasn’t in the greatest shape. The coping, which was made of red brick, didn’t match well with the new home improvements he was doing. When we first approached the home owner he knew he wanted to add a large waterfall and add repairs the existing pool, but didn’t really know what else he could do to improve it. So we sat down

Pool remodelWaterfall remodelwith the home owner and went through the different options we could implement, given the shape of the pool and the size of the yard. Since he mentioned he had two children, we mentioned the option of having a  slide on the side of the waterfall. He loved the idea, in addition to that, he wanted to have the option of getting out of the pool through the grotto under the waterfall. So we designed it that way. We removed all the old coping, plaster, and tile and added a rock coping.The structure was reinforced with steel and the waterfall and slide were added. In the end the homeowner was happy turning an out dated pool, into something he and his kids could enjoy.